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Landmark Funeral Home offers a diversity of products and services designed to meet specific needs.
We offer the very best quality services at an affordable cost.
The following is a directory of our services.

“Friends are God’s way of taking care of us”


Traditional Funerals * Pre-arranged Funerals * Direct Burial * Transfer (Shipping)


Funeral Services for your loved one.


Ensure that your funeral will be
conducted to your specifications.


If you want to have a direct burial and
you want a brief service.

Pre-arranging Your Funeral

“Planning Your Funeral in Advance – A Beautiful Expression of Caring”

Today, people throughout the United States are taking the matter of funeral pre-arrangements into their own hands.

They are making personal choices themselves, in advance, and relieving their families of the financial and emotional burden and decisions.

Pre-arrangements allow calm, practical planning rather than decisions left to the family during a painfully traumatic time.

Pre-arranging ensures that your funeral will be conducted to your specifications.

Families find comfort in knowing that a loved one’s funeral reflects his or her own wishes.

Choosing to pre-arrange provides peace of mind.

Pre-arranging gives you the advantage of prepaying your funeral and ensuring today’s prices for the future.

Landmark Funeral Home provides flexible payment plans and no interest with affordable quality services.

We accept Pre-arrangements from other funeral homes.

All pre-arrangements are transferable at no additional expense.


Traditional Funerals * Memorial Services * Direct Cremations

Direct Cremation

If you want to have a direct cremation and you want a brief service.

Memorial Service

Remembering your loved one.


Cremation Services for your loved one.

Information about Cremation

Cremation like burial is another form of the disposition of human remains. The cremation casket or container is placed in the cremation chamber and through an intense heat the body is reduced to bone fragments, known as cremated remains.

Depending on the families wishes the cremated remains can be scattered, placed in a cemetery or kept at home.

Cremation as the choice of disposition does not preclude the family from having a public visitation. The deceased would be embalmed, dressed, cosmetized and casketed in a cremation or rental casket for the services.

The service can be held at the funeral home or a church followed by the cremation. If a family chooses not to have a visitation a memorial service at the funeral home or a church offers another way their loved one can be remembered.

Landmark Funeral Home offers a Celebration of Life ceremony with Valerie Panciera-Rieth coordinating and officiating the memorialization of your loved one. Most religions accept cremation as the disposition of the human remains.

The Catholic church now allows the urn to be present in church for a memorial mass. If there are questions concerning cremation the staff of Landmark Funeral Home is here to answer and guide the family thru the funeral process.

Green Burial

Burial for your loved one with minimal environmental impact, aiding in the conservation of natural resources.


Burial Services for your loved one.

Veteran’s Patriotic Package

Specialized Merchandise and Service for United States Veterans


To those who have served our nation.

With Gratitude

So that we may live in freedom.

Veterans Package

Veterans Benefits

The Department of Veteran Affairs offers certain benefits and services to honor our Nation’s deceased veterans.

These include:

What are VA Burial Allowances?

Military Honors

Who is Eligible?

See attached Military Honors Brochure


Military Funeral Honors


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