Our Story

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“Be the change you want to see in the world”



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Our Story

The year was 1957…

when a Funeral Director from Rhode Island and a school teacher from Connecticut ventured to Hollywood, Florida. This couple welcomed, with love, their first born when Memorial Hospital was two stories. Riverside Military Academy sat in the center of the circle, with an empty lot adjacent.

Those were the days when Hollywood Hills was merely land crabs, palmetto bugs and palm trees. In 1962 that Funeral Director and that school teacher opened Panciera Memorial Home on that adjacent lot next to the Circle. As new business owners and parents, their commitment to the community had only just begun.

Valerie Panciera’s Landmark Funeral Home

Despite advertising to the contrary, 4200 Hollywood Boulevard is permanently open. The building now named Landmark Funeral Home, built in 1962, along with the adjacent Panciera Properties is owned by Valerie, Diane and Irving Panciera.

Landmark Funeral Home was established in May, 2009, almost 50 years since its original inception. The interior of the building has been renovated and remodeled. The visitation rooms consist of a formal “Chapel” with beautiful maple wood pews; or the informal “Garden Room” for a more relaxed setting.

The refurbished arrangement offices provide a warm combination of color and wood to comfort those who are arranging services for their loved one,  Landmark’s showroom offers a variety of caskets, burial vaults, urn, jewelry and printed materials that allow families to maker personalized selections to honor their loved one.


Valerie’s Butterfly Café is a contemporary reminder of the Panciera Family’s history and tradition. Our newly renovated Café features sophisticated design and innovated color elements. Valerie’s Café boasts an upscale and soothing setting for our families and their guests. It is ideal for food and refreshments during and after services.

Recent Renovation

Landmark Funeral Home recently renovated and remodeled our second floor Executive Suite which includes the Pre-Arrangement Centre, meeting and event space, reception area and amenities. Our complete 10,000 square foot facility accommodates a wide range of needs. Landmark Funeral Home provides easily accessible and ample, attended parking for our families and their guests.


Our parking facility is the largest lighted funeral home parking lot in all of Broward County.

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